So one day I got so tired of putting off drawing anything for my main project, Grey Bouquet, that I started drawing this instead.

Before I know it, I’ve got almost twenty strips sitting here in front of me, and my fellow comic-artist buddies are psyched. “You’re doing an autobiographical comic? FINALLY!” they all say. And I’m thinking, well, damn. Guess this is officially A Thing now. And I’ve been having such a fun time doing ‘em, there’s no way I can stop here.

If the art for these strips is all doodly and horrible, it’s kinda meant to be. This comic was built to trip up my usual MUST. DETAIL. THE LINES perfectionism by sticking to just one rule: I can’t erase something in these strips more than twice. If it takes more than three tries, too bad– I’ve gotta move on. Getting crappy lines onto paper, I’m finding, is way more fulfilling than thinking about how I could draw them better and ending up with a bunch of blank pages to show for it.

Thanks to Ryan Dow and Erica Moen for making me realize you could even do this sort of thing in the first place, much less pull it off well.


Here I go!

[ploosh into the shallow end]