As to the anemone pictured in panel 3: Condylactis anemones are known for scooting around their aquariums when they get bored. I can’t see it without hearing the Jetsons car noise in my head.

Also, anemones have only one opening to both take in food and expel waste matter. Meaning they can throw up and poop at the same time! :3

Also also: parents of the world, please do not answer for a person what gender they are, even if you think you’re out of earshot, okay? Please?

(Best answer I’ve ever heard someone give their kid, re: the usual walk-by ‘is that a boy or a girl’ question: “Mommy doesn’t know. And that’s okay… Some people are like that.” Kid said “Oh,” they went on their way, no big deal. Seriously, that made my week.)

Also also also: why yes, I do hang out in fast food restaurants an awful lot