WOO! We’ve got books!
Here are all the ways how to book.

OPTION 1. Quickest option, no signature/sketch. $10 plus shipping, over here.

OPTION 2. No signature/sketch, but you get the good karma from supporting a local Twin Cities bookshop. You can pick one up for $10 at The Source right now.

More places will be listed here as I get to ‘em!

OPTION 3. Want your copy personalized? You got it! Shoot an email to cordyceps.tickles@gmail.com with the following info:

- how many books you want,
- if you want the book(s) dedicated to someone (tell me who!),
- what you want drawn,
- where I’m mailing the books,
- if you want ‘em shipped by Media Mail ($13.50, package tracking included; gets there in 3-8 days) or Priority ($15.50, tracking included, gets there in 2-3 days), and
- how you’re paying.

Paypal, checks, and money orders work for payment. (I *can* take cash/Visa/Mastercard, especially at conventions/in person, but know before you pay these ways through the mail that IT’S RISKY and I can’t help you out if something happens to your cash or info!) Paypal payments go to cordyceps.tickles@gmail.com ; checks/MOs will get a reply email letting you know who to make ‘em out to and where to send ‘em.

Feel free to get as specific as you like with sketch instructions, but keep in mind it’s gonna be in the doodle-blob style of the comic. Saying “surprise me” will net you a sketch of whatever Pokemon’s going through my head at the time. “Whatever” or “I don’t care” means I’m drawing you a dong with googly eyes, or an emoticon on the head, or a teeny party hat on it, or somesuch. BEWARE UNINTENTIONALLY ASKING FOR DONGS is what I’m saying.