Yup, the brainfarts have been strong in this one since waaay back.

Still got the scars from this particular stroke of genius.


Big snuggly fistbumps to everyone who was at the Black Hat Collective’s panels at Anime Detour this weekend! (Including our co-panelist Randy from Something Positive, who’s a swell guy. Really knows his way around a clothes hanger joke. If you haven’t already, go read his comic! It’s cynical-icious.)

Had a kidney stone on the move during the Saturday morning panel, so extra thanks for having me along to wince and stare bug-eyed at you all for an hour while the other artists gave the good advice.

And to the reader who came up to me in the hallways and asked me to sign his copy of CT! Volume 1: congratulations, you officially made a Gerbil’s week.

Next con appearance will be SpringCon this May the 18th and 19th!
This time I’ve actually remembered to update the “See Me In 3-D” info tab beforehand. Promise.


MERCH NEWS! Portable borks are GO!

A 1.5-inch tall, hard-plastic embodiment of all things brainfarty can be yours for just $5, or $3 with a book purchase. Send inquiries to cordyceps.tickles@gmail.com !