The Cordyceps is a type of parasitic fungus with an interesting way of keeping itself on the “Proof Nature is a Jerk” Top 100 list.

See, what sets the Cordyceps apart is its method for spreading itself around. Once a cordyceps spore gets breathed in by an insect host, that spore eats its way through the bug until it reaches its target: the brain. There, it sets up shop in the insect’s head, sending commands to climb to the best vantage point it can find. Only once it’s up there will the fruiting body of the adult Cordyceps burst through the host’s head, slinking out what looks like a teeny mushroomy unicorn horn to spew more spores at anyone within floating range.

I can only imagine what this process might feel like. (Believe me, I have. Often.) But I like to think it would tickle.

You don’t have to take my word for it-– here, have Sir David Attenborough show you what’s up. Talking British guys make everything better, am I right?

I don’t have spores. I just have little doodle comics I can send floating across the Internet.

But just maybe, an idea from one of ‘em will crawl into somebody’s head. Stick around in there for a while.

NOTE: If any cranial injuries do occur as a direct result of reading these comics, let me know, ’cause that honestly sounds kind of impressive. Make sure to include photos, yeah?